Widow’s Woods Completed (Completely)

It’s very hard to stop working on something you love, and so I have found myself returning again and again to tweak features (and add features), since I first uploaded Widow’s Woods – A Southfog Point and Click Mini Adventure.

In my last post, I mentioned the possibility of adding a save feature to the game even though it is so short, it probably doesn’t need one. I decided that, as it was a feature I will be adding to future games, I might as well implement it here as a trial run. So I did.

While I was at it, I reinvented the title screen, because I thought it needed to be a little bit more – alive. I am much happier with the result.

So, here it is, my final version of the the game Widow’s Woods – A Southfog Point and Click Mini Adventure. I will be leaving it for a while now, and wait until it gets some more downloads and hopefully constructive criticism. Any further suggestions I receive, other than bug reports, will probably only help me shape future games. So, unless bugs are found crawling through the Southfog cupboards, this should be the final version of the game.

So if you haven’t downloaded it already, you can find the link to the right of this page – or here.

The new title screen. It has a little bit of movement in the live version.