Widow’s Woods Completed

My first point and click adventure game is completed – or is it more accurate to say (mostly) completed.

Making this short game has been a great learning experience, and my weeks work has turned into almost a month of work. I have made quite a few changes and additions to my first ever Southfog point and click adventure game since I uploaded the first version of it for the Weekly Game Jam 84.

Taking Command

I’ve added a selection of commands to use, instead of one catch-all command. At first I thought that the single command option would make the game less hassle to play. As I got into it, though, I remembered how much fun it is to experiment with different command/object combinations in other point and click games, such as Thimbleweed Park.

Voice Balloons

I’ve added voice balloons with character portraits instead of the Sierra style dialogue text over the characters head. I much prefer the new aesthetic, which adds a slightly more modernised look. It also gives me greater control over the presentation of the text.

Officially licenced Star Invader’s tent.

New Character Design

The original character design received a lot of Gravity Falls comparisons – be that for the good or the bad. The similarity between the Gravity Falls style and my original style was not a coincidence. I had 6 days to complete the original game, and I couldn’t spend much of that time worrying about character design. So I made a snap decision. I wanted the game to have a Gravity Falls feel to it, and so I thought why not give the character the familiar overlapping circle eyes (which is a common Sunday Comic character element anyway) and pink nose. When the jam was finished and I got to refining the game. I had the opportunity to use a character design that is more “me”, this really only meant removing the characteristic eyes and nose as it turned out, and I came up with the new design which I am much happier with anyway.

I have added other polish to the character, like animated mouth while talking, and random character animations. I think it adds to the polish.

(Mostly) Complete?

I say mostly, because I am missing one thing in my efforts to finish the game completely. Feedback. I have heard some great ideas from some wonderful people who have streamed the game as part of covering the Weekly Game Jam, and also other people who left comments. Thank you all. I have incorporated most of these ideas into the game and the game has been improved tremendously because of the valuable feedback.

However, i need more feedback to help improve it even more and to make my future games better. So, while I do consider the game “complete” in the current state, I may add in some wonderfully essential features if someone has the necessary insight and suggests it to me. Like a save system, which has been suggested. I didn’t think that feature would be required in such a short game, yet it has been suggested. So, that may very well be coming.

Name Change

I changed the name of the game from the wishy-washy Southfog – a point and click mini adventure, to the far less wishy-washy Widow’s Woods – a Southfog Point and Click Mini Adventure. Wait a minute. That’s just as wishy-washy.

What Next?

Now I need to think about two things.

Firstly, I need to promote the game to get actual people actually playing it. I am terrible at PR and have a lot to learn. This is my opportunity learn.

Secondly, I need to start thinking about the next Southfog adventure. I have some ideas. There is a big adventure looming, but it’s in the distance. I have a lot to learn before I am ready for that. In the meantime, there are some more short adventures to come. I have one in the workings, but nothing to show as yet. I will be showing something off as soon as I can.

In the meantime, if you try my Southfog game, please let me know what you think. And be as critical as you want. I have tough skin. It will help me make my games better.

Just two guys going for a stroll in the woods.